Container Hardening

RapidFort makes it easy to harden your containers

Build using open source code without the added stress of manual patching.

It's easy :

1.  Watch the tutorial
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3. Harden an Open Source Container

So long, endless patching

By identifying and removing unused container components, RapidFort drastically reduces vulnerabilities, freeing you up to do the fun stuff: Building.

Detailed component visibility
Compact containers for faster load times
Minimal patch management backlog

Harness unfettered creativity

Eliminating unused components also eliminates vulnerabilities present in them. That means you can use the best open source components for your job without raising security red flags.

Build compact, optimized, secure workloads
Use any open source component without being responsible for seemingly infinite patches
Build applications using the language and framework most suited to the job without adding security concerns
Optimize your containers and your processes

Every major software workload includes open source components, and as much as 80% of that code is completely unnecessary for production workloads.
That means you dedicate a lot of time on patches, vulnerability management, licensing, meetings, and software attack surface management—even if the code just sits unused in your containers.
You can get back 10% to 15% of your time by eliminating that code and the unnecessary patching and maintenance that comes with it.

Harden any container

Use the technology you want to build faster, better applications. Then, harden your container for a compact, secure container.

Fix only what’s important

You shouldn’t be expected to fix code you never built and don’t have the tools for. Instead, eliminate the bloat and know you’re fixing only what directly impacts your application.

A fine-tuned, automatic testing process

Automate how you build and optimize applications. Then shorten your testing process with automatic removal of unused components.

Your journey to secure containers and productive development begins here
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