Fast, Accurate Kubernetes and Registry Scanning for your Modern Cloud Infrastructure

Get full visibility into the vulnerabilities in your container infrastructure and production environments with RapidFort’s Kubernetes and Registry Scanner.

Scan Containers in Your Registries and Kubernetes Clusters

Identify packages within the containers in your registries and Kubernetes clusters, pinpoint their vulnerabilities, produce accurate SBOMs, and assess the risk for the software in your registries and production environments. RapidFort’s fast and accurate scanners automatically identify packages and create detailed vulnerability reports.

Kubernetes Scanning: Know What is Running in Production

Scan your Kubernetes clusters based on your schedules, and keep track of what you are running in your production and other environments. Just point us to your clusters, tell us how often to scan, and keep up-to-date with your developers' deployments.

SBOMs made simple

Understand Your Risk

Which vulnerabilities present a higher risk? An available Proof of Concept (POC) makes a vulnerability much more dangerous. With Rapid Risk Score, identify which vulnerabilities have POCs and are riskier. And get a prediction of whether a POC might be available for a vulnerability in the near future, and get a head start on your planning.

Plan Your Improvements

In addition to a detailed SBOM, RapidFort estimates the amount of unused software that might be present in a workload. You can then use RapidFort's Software Attack Surface Management (SASM) platform to automatically identify and safely remove unused components. Smaller workloads, less software, cleaner deployments, and fewer problems. Optimize and secure your workloads!

Where’s the Patch?

Find out if there is a fix available for a vulnerability and what package version addresses it. Update your software accordingly to remediate.

Scalable and Easy to Use

Scan as often as you want. As your infrastructure grows, our scanner scales with your needs to provide fast, accurate results and customized reports.

Here’s exactly what you get with our scanners:

A vulnerability insights report that includes the following:

Detailed SBOMs (Software Bills of Materials) in standard formats
Visibility into what is actually running in your different environments
Detailed vulnerability descriptions and links to patches available, appropriate advisories, and source references
CVSS scores, enhanced with Rapid Risk Scores (RRS)
Predicted software attack surface and vulnerability reduction opportunities
Overall risk assessment for container infrastructure and software in production

How RapidFort fits into your Pipeline





Operating Systems:

Oracle Linux
Amazon Linux
OpenSuse Leap
OpenSuse Tumbleweed
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