Harden your containers. Eliminate unused code. Deploy faster.

RapidFort enables faster, more secure deployments by identifying and automatically eliminating unused container components.

Scan deeper, secure better:
RapidFort’s free SCA scanner

Improve your software development hygiene and never miss a vulnerability

Running open source software you didn’t write? You’re hosting code that presents additional, unnecessary attack risks. Minimize your attack surface and get detailed visibility into exactly what you’re running. Then find and eliminate what you don’t need.

RapidFort’s free scanner inspects the entire file system for every installed package. It’s packed with capabilities and deliverables your teams need :

Identify and remove unused container components
Build apps that are as small and secure as possible
Work with any open source component without the burden of addressing security holes
Select the open source code most suited to your project without worrying about security concerns
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How it works
Instrument the container
Inserts code into the container application you want to optimize. RapidFort’s instrumentation code observes app behavior and knows when a file is being invoked.
Optimize the container
Looks at the profile from step two to identify which container files are unused. If we identify 100 files but only 20 are used, we’ll mark the other 80 for removal.
Profile the container
Just like humans, the software needs exercise! To do that, we completely profile runtime behavior  in the background for an even clearer picture of which files are being used. Once a container is profiled, we know what to keep and what to delete.
Run the same set of tests as in step two to ensure your software behaves exactly the same as it did before component removal.

Optimize & Secure Your Cloud

Reduce Vulnerability & Patch Management Backlog By 80%. In Minutes

For Security Teams

  • Auto-remediate ~80% of vulnerabilities

  • Reduce exposure to zero-day attacks by 78%

  • Manage and prioritize with AI-powered risk management

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For Dev Teams

  • Freedom to choose the best components for your design

  • Spend time building, not securing

  • Develop fast while staying secure

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For Infra Teams

  • Instantly eliminate 50%-90% of your patch management backlog

  • Optimize your containers, continuously

  • Integrate into your CI/CD easily

  • Secure your Kubernetes clusters in minutes

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How RapidFort fits into
your pipeline

RapidFort seamlessly integrates with your CI/CD pipeline using a few simple API calls.
We support many CI/CD and container deployment platforms:

Containers & Orchestration

Docker Compose
Amazon ECS
AWS Fargate


Circle CI
Flux CD
Github Actions
AWS CodeBuild
Argo CD
RapidFort’s built-in scanner supports the following OS and application frameworks:

Languages & Frameworks


Operating Systems

Oracle Linux
OpenSuse Leap
Amazon Linux
OpenSuse Tumbleweed
Your journey to secure containers and productive development begins here
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