Automatically build Secure Containers

RapidFort's Software Attack Surface Management (SASM) platform automatically removes components from your containers that you don’t need. Less code. Less risk. Less problems. Automate by seamlessly plugging into your CI/CD pipeline. Create secure, purpose-built containers in minutes.

Quickly focus on risks that matter

Rapidfort allows you to identify and remove unnecessary software components, thus eliminating vulnerabilities associated with them. This ability to cut through the noise allows you to reduce vulnerability and patching backlog by as much as 80% in minutes, allowing you to focus on developing fast and secure software.

Know what you won’t miss? Endless manual vulnerability remediation

RapidFort auto eliminates vulnerabilities, especially in Open source code you didn’t write and often can’t fix. Now you have the freedom to use as many Open Source components without worrying about remediating vulnerabilities in them and focus on producing software that has a real impact.

Secure your containers in three simple steps

Instrument your container

Allows our product to identify software components that matter.

Profile your container during runtime

Identifies components that are required for each feature exercised during profiling.

Harden your container

Removes components that are not needed, thus removing vulnerabilities present in those components.

Here’s what  you will get:

Scan and harden as many containers as you want. Add any number of users on our SASM platform.  That will allow you to reduce your software infrastructure attack surface and risk posture. You’ll also get:

Software Bill of Materials (SBOM)
Real Bill of Materials (RBOM)
CVSS scores
Downloadable Reports
Hardening Profiles
SecComp Profiles
CI/CD template
A full featured version containing other features
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