Software Security

Transform team productivity
while strengthening
security posture

Safeguard your organization, meet deployment goals, and reduce your compliance burden.
End of software patching

Less compliance busywork, more time to address actual security concerns

RapidFort helps address compliance issues upstream so your teams can focus on high-priority deliverables.

Regular SBOM and RBOM™ (Real Bill of Materials) provide teams full visibility into container components and help you remain compliant with U.S. government software requirements
Automatic vulnerability removal enables teams to achieve compliance faster and easier
Receive notifications when code you use has an available patch

Shrink your software attack surface by 80%+

Less unused code sitting around equals reduced exposure to zero-day attacks. RapidFort helps you keep your organization safe without introducing cumbersome guidelines or complex workflows.

Clearly demonstrate the vulnerabilities you remove to prove risk reduction
Deploy faster, cheaper, more secure applications
Teams unburdened by patching or tracking licenses can deliver releases faster
Shrink size and limit vulnerabilities

RapidFort automatically optimizes your containers and removes vulnerabilities

Easily remove clear security threats

Eliminating unused code also eliminates their vulnerabilities, freeing your team to focus on building and delivering.

Full visibility for easier compliance

With detailed visibility into component utilization, your teams can identify and eliminate compliance issues before audits even happen.

Enhance existing workflows and functionality

RapidFort integrates seamlessly with your CI/CD and container deployment platforms so your teams can improve output without dealing with process changes.

Prove your risk reduction

Regular reports and component visibility allow you to quantifiably demonstrate your risk reduction and prove team efficacy.

Save your devs
10-15% of their time

Every major software workload includes open source components, and as much as 80% of that code is completely unnecessary for production workloads.

That means your teams spend a lot of time handling patches, vulnerability management, licensing, meetings, and software attack surface management—even if the code isn’t used.

In fact, devs spend 10-15% of their time unnecessarily patching and maintaining code and container security. What could your teams achieve with that time back?

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