The Value of a Trusted Partner: RapidFort’s Inclusion in the Microsoft Pegasus Program

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November 17, 2023

As a cybersecurity startup, we know that innovation is not just a buzzword, but rather a necessity. For companies with ground-breaking solutions, establishing bona fides in the enterprise market is both an aspiration and a formidable challenge. The brilliance of your technology alone is not enough—you also need to have the right allies by your side.   

An industry-leading partner can be the launchpad that propels a promising startup to success. A strategic alliance can bring additional expertise and resources that are invaluable in a fiercely competitive market. That’s why we are proud to have been selected as a Microsoft for Startups Pegasus Program participant.  

What is the Microsoft for Startups Pegasus Program?    

An extension of Microsoft’s Founders Hub program, the Pegasus Program is an ecosystem of startups with solutions that fill a market need, and offers a range of resources and support. It fosters collaboration between startups and enterprises, enabling participants to showcase their innovative solutions and provide value to Microsoft’s customer base. A few of the program’s offerings include:   

  • Opportunity generation: Participants receive support from industry experts, who will help generate sales opportunities in their sector and act as a trusted advisor.
  • Go-to-market support: Startups will have the opportunity to work with go-to-market experts from Microsoft to ensure they have the best resources for generating and developing deals.
  • Access to Microsoft technology: Participation in the Pegasus Program also provides access to a dedicated Success Manager, a Cloud Solutions Architect, and an Account Executive, all of whom are focused on providing customers personalized support and guidance while ensuring that they receive the technical assistance needed to make the most of our offerings.

The program also enables us to better serve our current and prospective customers. Microsoft’s major enterprise customers who are looking to accelerate business and unlock new opportunities around emerging technologies, are now able to connect with our products. These companies can even meet with us one-on-one to collaborate on digital transformation and innovation opportunities. 

Software attack surface management for Microsoft users  

Microsoft customers will now have access to our build time toolset, as well as RapidFort Runtime Protection, our flagship runtime toolset that actively scans, profiles, monitors and secures containers in lower and production environments while pinpointing vulnerabilities within applications’ execution paths. This enables teams to protect their infrastructure by automatically securing unused components and removing unnecessary vulnerabilities, ultimately reducing software attack surfaces by 60-90%.  

By composing a baseline of container activity, Runtime Protection can instantly alert your team when unusual behaviors are detected, arming dev and security teams with the insights they need to mitigate threats quickly and make impactful decisions.   

“Remediation of software vulnerabilities is a considerable burden to engineering teams, and RapidFort has developed a patented and effective toolset to significantly reduce this cost. RapidFort's acceptance into the Pegasus Program is a testament to their unique approach to software security.”
—Tom Davis, Senior Director at Microsoft for Start-ups.

A vision for the future of software security 

For RapidFort, joining the Microsoft Pegasus Program is not only a critical part of our initial go-to-market strategy—it validates our vision for the future of software attack surface management. We’re thrilled to be working with such an influential player in the space, and we look forward to accelerating our mission of helping customers optimize and automatically secure their software. 

To learn more about how Runtime Protection and the RapidFort platform can transform your security posture, visit

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