Scan and Observe

Ditch your surface-level vulnerability scanner. Get the fastest, most accurate scanner on the market and watch it fly through your images. RapidFort provides a clear, accurate view of your vulnerabilities with scans that run at the registry level all the way to the component level execution path.

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Go beyond scanning with vulnerability intelligence

Get ahead of your software risk (hello, OSS and AI-generated code) with the deepest scan on the market that can tell you exactly where/how much you can shrink your attack surface with a click.

Deploy easily – anywhere

RapidFort was built by developers for developers – we support all major cloud container registries. We drop into wherever you store, manage, and deploy container images without hassle or downtime. Registries include:

  • Microsoft’s Azure Container Registry (ACR)
  • Docker Hub Container Registry
  • Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR)
  • GitHub Package Registry
  • GitLab Container Registry
  • Google Artifact Registry (GAR)
  • Harbor Container Registry
  • Red Hat Quay
  • Sonatype Nexus Repository OSS

SBOMs and more

Generate compliant SBOMs in SPDX, CycloneDX, and other formats for all of your workloads. Easily meet patching SLAs with RapidFort’s Real Bill of Materials™ (RBOM™) software.

  • Reporting for SBOMs (Different formats, VEX included in CycloneDX)
  • We have a curated vulnerability database that pulls information from over 30 vulnerability and exploitability database sources 
  • We have the NVD CVSS scoring plus advisory CVSS scoring 
  • OSCAP benchmarking - compare your images to the SCAP standards

Rapid Risk Scoring

Go beyond scanning and get the insights you need to unlock true risk remediation. We curated our vast database to be completely comprehensive, pulling in essential information from:

What is RRS?

Rapid Risk Score (RRS) is RapidFort's estimated probability that an exploit will be published within the next 90 days based on our unique AI/ML model and historical data. If an exploit already exists and a proof of concept exists, RapidFort provides a link to the public recipe.

The next level: see your runtime environment

Runtime Protection composes a baseline of container activity and instantly alerts your team when unusual behaviors are detected. The result? Dev and security teams are armed with the insights they need to mitigate quickly and make impactful decisions.

  • Quit shifting left and shifting right – get fully optimized from CI to CD. Leverage runtime results to inform your buildtime process and future-proof yourself from vulnerabilities
  • Free DevSecOps from alert fatigue and refocus them on meaningful work
  • Know exactly what code is being used in your application’s execution path and cut the rest, reducing code bloat and software attack surface
"Complete and reliable SCA scanning is the first step in building a robust OSS vulnerability management program. RapidFort's platform already removes all the noise in container vulnerability reports by finding code that's actually in use. This approach materially lowers the burden and cost on security and dev teams. Container registry, Kubernetes, and VM scanning features are a great addition to their platform. Security teams can get a full view of what code is actually running in their production and significantly lower the pool of addressable vulns by removing software that's not needed. I recommend getting started by scanning one of your registries to see how easily it can generate an SBOM and uncover easy-to-fix vulns."

JP Bourget

President of Blue Cycle

Deeper visibility for stronger vulnerability management

It’s time – quit playing whack-a-mole with CVEs that aren’t actually critical. With RapidFort, security teams can see exactly what vulnerabilities lie within their application’s execution path – and much more.

The fastest, most accurate scans

Scan your images at rest and in motion, never miss a vulnerability.

Scan your registries

Know your risk before you hit production; find vulnerabilities in your registry images before shipping.

Scan in your CI/CD pipelines

Pinpoint vulnerabilities and reduce your open source risk. Prioritize your CVEs with Rapid Risk Score (RRS).

Scan in your Kubernetes clusters

Scan everything that’s running in your infrastructure and see exactly where the vulnerabilities lie. Know your execution path, and react accordingly.

Get true vulnerability intelligence

Compare old vs new versions of your container, pinpoint vulnerabilities, and mitigate them across your entire infrastructure.

Scan different versions of your container images

See what’s changed since the last version of your container – or five versions ago. Pinpoint vulnerabilities, patches, and have full visibility into the code.

Zero day vulnerability

Find a pesky vulnerability and want to mitigate it across your entire infrastructure? With RapidFort, you can scan through your images and identify every exposure location, making it easy to scale your mitigation efforts.

Achieve interoperability between security, devops, and developers with our toolset

Optimize and secure your applications upstream before they hit production with RapidFort’s buildtime tools. Our buildtime tools allow your developers to scan, profile, and harden applications in your CI/CD pipelines. Create smaller, faster to load, fully optimized workloads with every build and minimize your software attack surface – automatically. RapidFort’s buildtime tools interoperate seamlessly with our runtime tools, providing a powerful and flexible platform to reduce software risk efficiently and automatically.

Scan & Observe

Get detailed vulnerability insights into your applications as they are designed and built. Scan workloads in your CI/CD using the fastest SCA scanner in the market and enforce security hygiene upstream.

Profile & Understand

Understand your applications’ behavior by profiling them in your CI/CD test cycles. Use the comprehensive reports to improve code quality and test coverage, and secure your applications early in the development cycle.

Harden & Defend

Build optimized workloads with only the components you need, regardless of your development framework and OS image selection. Free up your developers to design using the best development tools and environments, and let RapidFort automate the rest.

Integrate RapidFort directly into your existing workflows and tech stack

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Customer testimonials

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"RapidFort is a great solution for engineering teams to get a handle on OSS issues and help their security teams keep on top of them. Otherwise, the process is very time-consuming and ineffective. We also use RapidFort to identify and fix gaps in our tests, and the smaller workload sizes make our deployments more efficient."

Masa Karahashi


“RapidFort's new runtime capabilities are a game changer for the CISO’s organization. It has created a new paradigm for the management of software vulnerabilities. Now empowered with new and actionable insights, the productivity of security professionals will be dramatically improved while developers will spend way more of their time innovating and not chasing CVEs."

Ed Amoroso

CEO, Tag cyber

"Scaling the remediation of software vulnerabilities has historically been an intractable problem to solve. Security professionals have been burdened by an overabundance of vulnerabilities and developers have been asked to chase CVEs instead of focusing on innovation and new product features. RapidFort Runtime Protection is a quantum leap forward. Now security professionals are empowered to solve up to 90% of software vulnerabilities automatically without involving developers. Through their innovative technology, RapidFort has taken the complex and made it simple, ushering in a whole new way of managing the risk associated with software vulnerabilities at enterprise scale."

Dave Neuman

Senior Analyst, TAG Cyber

"I recommend getting started by scanning one of your registries to see how easily it can generate an SBOM and uncover easy-to-fix vulnerabilities."

JP Bourget


Why RapidFort

Understand how RapidFort stacks up to alternative solutions. Learn how Runtime Protection offers the most complete way for teams to secure their applications at runtime.

SCA scanner
EBPF Scanner
Detect and prioritize vulnerabilities within the execution path
Monitor software usage at runtime
Automatically remediate and harden
Compute overhead (worst case)
Less than 1%
Scan pipeline to runtime

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