Freedom To Deliver Software Fast While Staying Secure

Meet the changemakers and masterminds behind the first SASM – and rethink vulnerability management as you know it.


CEO & Founder

Mehran ran EFI's core business unit and helped make EFI a ubiquitous name in digital imaging. He founded Percipo, a pioneer in commercialization of modern computer vision and AI technologies installed in 40,000 retail locations.

CFO, Chief Commercial Officer

Russ has been an early member of several successful Bay Area startups including HintMD sold to Revance, and ZyBooks acquired by Wiley. Russ founded Eden Ventures (European Venture Fund of the Year 2006) and Nadex which was acquired by the IG group.

CTO & Founder

A DevOps and cybersecurity veteran, Rajeev has built and delivered mass scale systems for Palo Alto Networks and F5 Networks, among others.

Chief Scientist

Niklas received his Ph.D. in Computer Vision from UC Berkeley, and he's the inventor of several machine learning techniques.

VP, Product Delivery & Operations

Saty is a Product Delivery and Operations Leader with experience across a diverse set of verticals. Intent on delivering value to customers, he takes pride in building and leading outstanding, effective cross-functional product teams. He has an MBA from Kellogg School of Management. ‍


Andy Chou

Cofounder, Coverity

Aubrey Rankin

Co-founder & CEO, HintMD

Bhawna Singh

CTO, Okta

Chris Aniszczyk


Jim Zemlin

Executive Director at Linux Foundation

Kyle Fox

CTO, SOS International. Former CSO, USAF

Philip Martin

CSO, Coinbase

Rob Mee

CEO, Geometer & Founder, Pivotal

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