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Cloud security at the speed of automation

RapidFort is the industry’s first Software Attack Surface Management platform (SASM), delivering a unified set of run-time and build-time
tools to scan, understand, and harden modern software.

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Optimize container components to accelerate deployments, reduce software attack surface, and eliminate manual patching
faster container load times
reduction in software attack surface
elimination of patch management backlog

RapidFort automatically hardens your containers and removes vulnerabilities

RapidFort drastically reduces vulnerability and patch management queues so that developers can focus on building.
By eliminating unused container components, RapidFort enhances production workload security and saves developers from unnecessarily patching and maintaining UNUSED code.

1. Build, stub, test

RapidFort profiles containers to understand what components are needed to run. Run your containers as normal in any environment: dev, test or prod. Use any container deployment, including Kubernetes, Docker Compose, Amazon EKS, and AWS Fargate.

2. Harden, release, deploy

RapidFort then identifies which packages you must keep, enabling you to remove unused packages. Typical improvements are in the 60% to 90% range. RapidFort also provides the option to build and customize remediation profiles, allowing you to pick and choose what to retain or remove.

3. Workload: Hardened

The result: containers are more secure, cheaper to build and maintain, faster to boot, and less expensive to run. Less attack surface reduces exposure to zero-day attacks. Less software. Less risk. Fewer problems.

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Productive DevOps teams,
accelerated deployments

RapidFort helps security teams to:
  • Reduce vulnerabilities to be remediated by 60% to 90%

  • Eliminate up to 90% of your patch management backlog

  • Continuously optimize containers without disrupting existing workflows

  • Secure Kubernetes clusters in minutes

  • Gain full visibility into what’s actually running in containers

See What RapidFort Does For DevOps
Productive DevOps teams
Improved security

Improved security,
simplified compliance

RapidFort helps security teams to:
  • Address compliance issues upstream

  • Achieve compliance faster and easier

  • Easily demonstrate and report workload risk reduction and vulnerability removal

  • Spend less time tracking complicated licenses and updates

How RapidFort improves compliance and security

What our customers say

Our teams used to fix vulnerabilities manually. With RapidFort, I have the visibility to analyze vulnerabilities and either automatically eliminate all of them, or allow vulnerabilities according to my risk tolerance.

IT Manager
Zero-trust solutions provider

Operational cost goes down automatically. As we are removing vulnerabilities, we are reducing the size of our artifacts which is a big win on network bandwidth.

Head of DevOps
Cybersecurity vendor

RapidFort gives me precise boundaries for whether a piece of code will work or not in a real environment.

Engineering manager
Public sector

How RapidFort fits into
your pipeline

RapidFort seamlessly integrates with your CI/CD pipeline using a few simple API calls.
We support many CI/CD and container deployment platforms:

Containers & Orchestration

Docker Compose
Amazon ECS
AWS Fargate


Circle CI
Flux CD
Github Actions
AWS CodeBuild
Argo CD
RapidFort’s built-in scanner supports the following OS and application frameworks:

Languages & Frameworks


Operating Systems

Oracle Linux
OpenSuse Leap
Amazon Linux
OpenSuse Tumbleweed
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