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 Remove 95% of CVEs automatically
with no code change

What can you do with RapidFort?

Reduce Development Costs by 10%
Speed up Software Releases by 2 - 3 Weeks
Accelerate your FedRAMP Compliance by 3 months

Use runtime intelligence to automate vulnerability remediation

Stop Vulnerabilities before they strike and slash your software attack surfaces by a staggering 60-90%.
RapidFort is a unique solution that combines real-time protection with automatic fixes. Our platform empowers DevOps and security teams to track application activity, identify weaknesses in the execution process, and address them instantly while fortifying containers during the build stage and the development lifecycle

Attack Surface Reduction

"RapidFort’s Runtime Protection toolset is rethinking a massive and timely problem that cybersecurity teams face: CVE remediation. Instead of chasing enormous patch backlogs, shipping late, etc, companies will be able to focus only on the vulnerabilities that lie within their applications execution path and let RapidFort secure the rest."

Philip Martin

CSO, Coinbase

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Build and secure applications

Build-time tools for devs, runtime tools for security teams

Scan & Observe

Get detailed vulnerability insights into your applications as they are designed and built. Scan workloads in your CI/CD using the fastest SCA scanner in the market and enforce security hygiene upstream.

Profile & Understand

Understand your applications’ behavior by profiling them in your CI/CD test cycles. See exactly what’s running in your execution path, and use comprehensive reports to improve code quality and test coverage, and secure your applications early in the development cycle.

Harden & Defend

Build optimized workloads with only the components you need, regardless of your development framework and OS image selection. Free up your developers to design using the best development tools and environments, and let RapidFort automate the rest.

Runtime Protection (New!)

Automatically baseline your applications’ behavior and pinpoint unusual activities with RapidFort’s ultra-fast, policyless runtime protection capabilities. You won’t incur more than 1% compute impact and you’ll never have to worry about complex policy management. Drop Runtime Protection into your infrastructure, integrate seamlessly with your security automation tools, and respond to threats immediately.


Integrate RapidFort directly into your existing workflows and tech stack

Customer testimonials

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"RapidFort is a great solution for engineering teams to get a handle on OSS issues and help their security teams keep on top of them. Otherwise, the process is very time-consuming and ineffective. We also use RapidFort to identify and fix gaps in our tests, and the smaller workload sizes make our deployments more efficient."

Masa Karahashi


“RapidFort's new runtime capabilities are a game changer for the CISO’s organization. It has created a new paradigm for the management of software vulnerabilities. Now empowered with new and actionable insights, the productivity of security professionals will be dramatically improved while developers will spend way more of their time innovating and not chasing CVEs."

Ed Amoroso

CEO, Tag cyber

"Scaling the remediation of software vulnerabilities has historically been an intractable problem to solve. Security professionals have been burdened by an overabundance of vulnerabilities and developers have been asked to chase CVEs instead of focusing on innovation and new product features. RapidFort Runtime Protection is a quantum leap forward. Now security professionals are empowered to solve up to 95% of software vulnerabilities automatically without involving developers. Through their innovative technology, RapidFort has taken the complex and made it simple, ushering in a whole new way of managing the risk associated with software vulnerabilities at enterprise scale."

Dave Neuman

Senior Analyst, TAG Cyber

"I recommend getting started by scanning one of your registries to see how easily it can generate an SBOM and uncover easy-to-fix vulnerabilities."

JP Bourget


Use Cases

Understand how teams use RapidFort to secure applications.

Vulnerability Remediation

The current vulnerability remediation process is time-consuming and inefficient, and software releases are delayed. It involves hours of engineering time to identify and prioritize each vulnerability, research the root cause, and eventually fix each vulnerability before release.
RapidFort’s innovative solution automates Vulnerability Identification, reporting, prioritization, root-cause analysis, and remediation in just a few minutes.
RapidFort remediates over 95% of vulnerabilities automatically with no code changes.

Software Supply Chain Security

Is it really a supply chain? Open source software is given to you as-is. Read the fine print. The less software you have, the less supply chain risk you have. Did you know 50-90% of the software you’re maintaining is just bloat? Let RapidFort identify and automatically secure the zombie code for you.

Workload Optimization

Beyond vulnerability and security issues, software maintenance, runtime, infrastructure costs, and increased design complexity pose significant challenges.
RapidFort addresses these workload optimization challenges by automatically eliminating unnecessary components and runtime optimization while reducing costs and shortening software release cycles.
RapidFort's solution features comprehensive software development tools, addressing key challenges for automatic software vulnerability remediation, security, and workload optimization.

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