Unleashing the Power of Runtime Protection: A Game-Changer for Seamless Development

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October 24, 2023

Securing trust among customers, stakeholders and regulators has never been more critical. Government regulatory efforts and an increasingly interconnected technology landscape have driven companies to decrease their overall attack surface. Now, many organizations are treating container security as a key component of their risk reduction strategies to protect against malware, vulnerabilities, data leaks, human error and more. 


To emphasize our commitment to improving the current state of container security and reducing the attack landscape, we’ve launched our flagship runtime toolset, Runtime Protection. With the addition of RapidFort Runtime Protection, the RapidFort platform is the first solution on the market that offers build time CI/CD tools and runtime Kubernetes features that work in unison, helping organizations reduce their software attack surface throughout the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and facilitating efficient cooperation between security and development teams. 

What is Runtime Protection?  

Runtime Protection actively scans, profiles, monitors and secures containers in lower and production environments, pinpointing the vulnerabilities within applications’ execution paths. This enables teams to protect their infrastructure by automatically securing unused components and unnecessary vulnerabilities, ultimately reducing software attack surfaces by 60-90%. With deep insights into their Kubernetes workloads, security teams are able to prioritize vulnerabilities, streamline their remediation strategy and make informed decisions across the board. 

By composing a baseline of container activity, Runtime Protection can instantly alert your team when unusual behaviors are detected, arming dev and security teams with the insights they need to mitigate threats quickly and make impactful decisions.  

PRO TIP: Drop runtime into your Kubernetes environment and say goodbye to CVE lifecycle management as you know it. 

The Benefits of Runtime Protection 

The addition of this feature ensures that, with the push of a button, only the vulnerabilities that materially impact a company's unique environment are identified and remediated. Here is what you’ll get with Runtime Protection:  

Enhanced Application Monitoring 

Your applications are the lifeline of your organization. RapidFort's Runtime Protection ensures they are shielded from both known and unknown threats, reducing blast radius of attacks, and providing actionable intelligence to you and your stakeholders. 

Proactive Threat Prevention 

Don't wait for an attack to occur. Runtime Protection identifies potential threats and neutralizes them before they have a chance to cause harm. 

Compliance and Regulation 

Meeting industry-specific compliance standards is critical for any organization. RapidFort's Runtime Protection feature aids in fulfilling regulatory requirements, safeguarding your reputation and ensuring business continuity. 

Cost-Efficient Security 

The cost of a security breach far outweighs the investment in robust security measures. By implementing Runtime Protection, you're making a proactive investment in your organization's security posture.  

Don’t Walk, Run With RapidFort Runtime Protection 

As cyber threats continue to grow in sophistication, so must our defense mechanisms. Runtime Protection represents a quantum leap in the way we develop and deploy software, offering a dynamic, real-time approach to threat mitigation. By actively monitoring and analyzing runtime behavior, it ensures that your systems are shielded from everything, including the most advanced threats. 

With the RapidFort platform, security teams can optimize and secure their software attack surface in three simple steps: 

  • Scan & Observe: Scan infrastructure, generate vulnerability reports, and measure risk 
  • Profile & Understand: Understand your software attack surface, identify what packages are used and unused, and prioritize vulnerability remediation
  • Harden & Secure: Reduce your software attack surface, and improve security posture 

Don't wait until the next attack - fortify your defenses with the power of RapidFort. To learn more about how Runtime Protection can transform your security posture, visit runtime.rapidfort.com.

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