Freedom To Deliver Software Fast - While Staying Secure

We built RapidFort because we wanted to build awesome, secure software fast...

Leadership Team

CEO & Founder
CEO & Founder
"DevOps is eating the cloud"

Mehran ran EFI's core business unit and helped make EFI a ubiquitous name in digital imaging. He founded Percipo, a pioneer in commercialization of modern computer vision and AI technologies installed in 40,000 retail locations.

CTO & Founder
CTO & Founder
"The bad guy has to be right just once"

A DevOps and cybersecurity veteran, Rajeev has built and delivered mass scale systems for Palo Alto Networks and F5 Networks, among others.

CFO, Chief Commercial Officer
CFO, Chief Commercial Officer
"Go big, or go home"

Russ has been an early member of several successful Bay Area startups, and he founded Eden Ventures which received the European Venture Fund of the Year recognition in 2006. He also founded Nadex which was acquired by IG group.

Chief Scientist
Chief Scientist
"Just take its log!"

Niklas received his Ph.D. in Computer Vision from UC Berkeley, and he's the inventor of several machine learning techniques.

VP, Product Delivery & Operations
VP, Product Delivery & Operations
"Optimizing time-to-market is fun"

Saty ran the product delivery programs for Xerox at EFI. He has an MBA from Kellogg School of Management, and he's responsible for customer success, product delivery, and operations at RapidFort.

Our Advisors

Rob Mee
Founder, Pivotal
Andy Chou
Founder, Coverity
Jim Zemlin
Executive Director at Linux Foundation
Chris Aniszczyk
Philip Martin
CISO, Coinbase