Make Vulnerability Scanning the Easiest Part of Your Job - For Free

Automate your container security with one simple command

Flexible Setup

Scan one or more containers from your command line. Seamlessly integrate the scanner with your CI/CD pipeline to automate scanning at any stage of the SDLC

SBOMs at your fingertips

Our scanner performs deep package analysis, providing you with a detailed Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) on every one of your components. Download all results in flat files or JSON reports.

Accuracy that cuts through the noise

Enter a single command line command to run a scan and gain clear insights without the distraction of false positives or false negatives.

Discover the vulnerabilities in your open-source code

RapidFort identifies vulnerabilities in your container. We reference the most accurate databases to identify patches available to you.

Prioritized remediation suggestions

Our Rapid Risk Score evaluates the likelihood of exploit availability for each vulnerability, which can be used along with severity of the vulnerability to prioritize remediation. We also estimate the percentage of vulnerabilities that our optimization tool can remove without affecting performance.

Usually, about 80% of code in containers is unused.

Robust insights and predictions

The journey toward secure infrastructure begins with a single step: a detailed SBOM. From there, improve your risk management with insight into unpatched vulnerabilities and available fixes.

Rapid Risk Score indicates the highest priority vulnerabilities and calculates the probability that an exploit for each vulnerability will emerge in the coming 90 days so you can accurately prioritize and focus on true risks

Free, scalable, and eminently usable

Scan as many workloads as you want. As your workload grows, our scanner scales with you to produce fast, accurate results and customized downloadable reports.

Here's exactly what you get with our free scanner

Vulnerability insights report that includes:

A detailed SBOM (Software Bill of Materials) that shows all components
Vulnerability descriptions and links to appropriate advisories and source references
CVSS scores
Predicted attack surface reduction
Predicted vulnerability reduction
Your journey to secure containers and productive development begins here
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