RapidFort For CTOs

Maximize your tech investments, scale and protect your product, and build a high-performance engineering team that ships bloat-less code on time without vulnerabilities. With RapidFort, CTOs are free to focus on strategic technology roadmapping and efficient project delivery while cutting down on storage fees and dead code.

We're solving the toughest problems in cloud security so you don't have to.

The Impact Rapidfort Makes


32 million vulnerabilities removed


99 TB of software automatically secured


58 million packages hardened


84% reduction - average attack surface reduction



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High performance starts here

Get every tool a CTO needs to drive risk, costs, and busy work down.


Runtime Protection

You care about results, and we do, too. Runtime Protection composes a baseline of container activity and instantly alerts your team when unusual behaviors are detected and when vulnerabilities are found within the application’s execution path.

The result? Dev and security teams are armed with the insights they need to mitigate quickly and make impactful decisions, plus you’ll be able to:

  • Cut dev drudgery and ship code when you need to
  • Make the most elegant, bloat-less workloads possible by knowing exactly what is (and isn’t) being used in the execution path
  • Get fully optimized from CI to CD – inform your buildtime process with runtime results
  • Free your dev team from alert fatigue and refocus them on meaningful work

Automated Hardening Tools

Save time, effort, space, and costs. Now that you can pinpoint vulnerabilities in runtime, you can remediate them instantly with RapidFort’s automated container hardening tools. That’s right – harden your containers and shrink your software attack surface without needing expensive dev work.

Fully automate your remediation strategy. Eliminate time spent on security reviews, triaging, patch management, mitigation, dependency management, and more. Refocus your DevOps pros on meaningful security projects.


Future-proof your code with dev tools that secure throughout the SDLC

Optimize and secure your applications upstream before they hit production with RapidFort’s buildtime tools. Our buildtime tools allow your developers to scan, profile, and harden applications in your CI/CD pipelines. Create smaller, faster to load, fully optimized workloads with every build and minimize your software attack surface – automatically. RapidFort’s buildtime tools interoperate seamlessly with our runtime tools, providing a powerful and flexible platform to reduce software risk efficiently and automatically.

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Why RapidFort

Understand how RapidFort stacks up to alternative solutions. Learn how Runtime Protection offers the most complete way for teams to secure their applications at runtime.

SCA scanner
EBPF Scanner
Detect and prioritize vulnerabilities within the execution path
Monitor software usage at runtime
Automatically remediate and harden
Compute overhead (worst case)
Less than 1%
Scan pipeline to runtime

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