Why RapidFort

When you put your trust in RapidFort, you’re not just getting the best Software Attack Surface Management solution packaged in an elegant, user-friendly platform. You’re getting access to a passionate, dedicated team of cybersecurity professionals who only succeed when you do. You’re getting a tenacious startup partner ready to roll out the red carpet for customers and roll up their sleeves to release the most innovative, turnkey SASM solutions on the market at a friendlier cost than our competitors.

High Runtime Visibility with Significantly Low Compute Usage

Less risk, vulnerabilities, patches, alerts, time, energy, and cost. It’s that simple.

Go beyond scanning with vulnerability intelligence

Get ahead of your software risk (hello, OSS and AI-generated code) with the deepest scan on the market.

Shift the conversation from chasing CVEs to improving code quality.

Manage 60-90% less software. Less risk, vulnerabilities, patches, alerts, time, energy, and cost. It’s that simple.

Integrate RapidFort directly into your existing workflows and tech stack

Gone are the days of endless vulnerability prioritization and remediation

Quit spending your life scanning, prioritizing, triaging, and remediating your entire registry – pinpoint the risks that matter, mitigate them automatically, and move on to more important work. RapidFort’s Runtime Protection allows you to trace your application flow in runtime, pinpoint vulnerabilities within the execution path, and mitigate them automatically. We also provide devops tools that harden containers while they build – or at any point in the SDLC – and future-proof your infrastructures from risks.

RapidFort's runtime and buildtime capabilities have created a new paradigm for the management of software vulnerabilities. Coupling runtime intelligence with automatic hardening solves up to 90% of software vulnerabilities, ultimately shifting the conversation between security and development teams from CVE remediation to code quality."

Bharat Shah

Corporate VP of Cloud Security, Microsoft

Use Cases

Understand how teams use RapidFort to secure applications.

Vulnerability Remediation

Optimize your remediation process and save countless work hours spent on prioiritizing vulnerabilities and finding their common sources. Fix only the vulnberabilities that sit within your execution path and let RapidFort secure the rest. Get quicker turnaround from your developers by giving them precise information about what to fix, why they need to fix it, and where to fix it. 

Software Supply Chain Security

Is it really a supply chain? Open source software is given to you as-is – read the fine print. The less software you have, the less supply chain risk you have. Did you know 50-90% of the software you’re maintaining is just bloat? Let RapidFort identify and automatically secure the zombie code for you. 

Workload Optimization

Modern software systems are the most complex artifact of human intelligence – and you’re stuck with maintaining and securing it. Reduce the complexity of securing it by optimizing your workloads and getting rid of unnecessary components. You’ll reap the rewards across the board from your platform to security and engineering teams.

Why RapidFort

Understand how RapidFort stacks up to alternative solutions. Learn how Runtime Protection offers the most complete way for teams to secure their applications at runtime.

SCA scanner
EBPF Scanner
Detect and prioritize vulnerabilities within the execution path
Monitor software usage at runtime
Automatically remediate and harden
Compute overhead (worst case)
Less than 1%
Scan pipeline to runtime

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